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We offer a wide range of construction services, including design, construction, renovation, extension and rehabilitation of buildings and infrastructure. Our previous projects include road construction, conventional road markings. We are known for meeting tight deadlines and maintaining a high level of quality in all our projects.

The earth is our foundation, the future is our ambition!

Adviana Development is a company with a diversified portfolio of services in the field of construction, with a Romanian-Swedish shareholding. The company offers full services in architecture, supply of building materials and road construction.

Build your visions. Create reality

We are committed to adopting the latest technologies and innovative construction methods to ensure we offer the best solutions and services at competitive prices. We work closely with our clients, consulting them throughout the project, from planning and design through to execution and completion, ensuring that all their requirements are satisfactorily met.

Our vision is your reality.

Adviana is dedicated to providing complete, efficient and innovative solutions for any type of construction project, exceeding our clients’ expectations and contributing to the development of infrastructure and local communities.

What we offer?

Our construction services are safe, fast and affordable.

Road roller working on the new road construction site
Road Constructions

With extensive experience in road construction, our team of specialists work skillfully and efficiently to build durable and safe roads, using the latest technologies and high quality materials, always complying with the regulations and standards in force, to ensure a result success and satisfaction of our customers.

Construction of highway overpass bridge infrastructure in progress with morning sun rays
Development of public facilities

Our team of public facilities developers is experienced in creating complex, community-serving projects, such as schools, parks, hospitals or sports facilities, with innovative approaches, careful planning and rigorous implementation to provide modern, safe and sustainable public facilities, that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants and contribute to the development of the community as a whole.

Home Construction - The Stages of Building a Home
Residential Buildings

Our team of expert builders work with passion and skill to erect a remarkable residential building, offering innovative construction solutions and ensuring that every detail is made with care and high quality to create a comfortable and sustainable home for future tenants.

Construction materials
Supply of construction materials

We are your trusted building materials supplier, offering a wide range of top quality products from base materials to finishes in a prompt and efficient manner to support your construction projects and help you to get the results you want in a professional and convenient way.

How it works

Our team of specialists consists of talented engineers and architects, skilled workers and well-trained management staff. We are known for our proactive approach and being customer-oriented, always putting our customers’ needs and wants first.

Consultancy for the preparation of offers necessary for participation in tenders in the fields of:

Construction buildings ⦾ Road constructions ⦾ Advertising for the promotion of projects

Project implementation

The implementation of the project is carried out successfully, following the established plan, using agile methodologies and allocated resources, ensuring the quality and proper integration of the components, and achieving the desired results.

Why Adviana?

Our construction services are safe, fast and affordable.

Experience in construction

Extensive experience in construction. Specialized teams, complete services, superior quality. Professionalism, innovation, customer satisfaction. We build your dreams!

Qualified professionals and experts

Our team consists of a select group of qualified professionals and experts who have vast experience in their field of specialization. These specialists are endowed with remarkable skills, being skilled, talented and knowledgeable about the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

We are fast and reliable

Our construction team is known for the efficiency and speed with which they work, always meeting deadlines, and the quality of their work and their commitment to customer satisfaction make them trustworthy.

24/7 Premium Support

24/7 Premium Support from our team is available 24/7, ensuring that you get the highest quality service and specialized support whenever you need it, to meet all your requirements and give you an unparalleled experience.

Recent Projects

Design your dreams with us.​

Public Domain Administration Sector 2
Execution of horizontal and vertical traffic signals
Rehabilitation of the heating system of the Municipality of Bucharest

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